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One hour charters could take in one half of the lake i.e. head south from Merside to Lakeside at the foot of the lake and back, or head north from Mereside to Ambleside at the head of the lake and back. Either of these options offer unrivalled views of the lake, the shoreline and beyond. This is perspective often unseen by people on foot or passing by in their cars. A wonderful opportunity to take memorable pictures and film of the ever changing mood and colour of Windermere, which is part of the Lake District proud holders of World Heritage Status.


Two  hour charters could combine both halves of the lake so you would be taking in both Lakeside and Ambleside.

Both of these options would generally mean keeping a constant speed to give you the opportunity of maximising what you will see. If on the other hand you wanted to make regular stops, or indeed wanted to take a longer break to say have a picnic, half or full day charters may be the answer.

Half or full day charters could also take in any combination of the above charters, and in addition we could, for example land you on public jetties in Bowness or Ambleside to let you explore these areas further, or land at some of the various hotel jetties around the lake (for example Low Wood) to go for a drink or meal. Or how about calling into the Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories, lots to see and learn here, it’s this is completely up to you. We can offer advice about what’s on offer around the lake and how we could tailor your trip to maximise your enjoyment.

We can also offer transfer shuttles around the lake, for example arrive at a wedding in style or be collected from your lakeside hotel for a night out in Bowness. Please refer to our availability and prices section to see if Skyfall is available to hire on your chosen date. This also offers the various timed options through the day and the associated costs. To book a charter please contact us directly.

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